Honestly, I never imagined that we'd come this far… 

        When Building 33, Co., Ltd. was founded in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, on November 6, 1990, my partner, Mr. Charn Thanasrivanichchai, and I joined hands and poured our hearts and hopes into building a quality-oriented and cost-effective Thai-owned construction company, with world class standards. Since inception twenty years ago, we have constantly pursued our motivation and aspirations to meet these goals and contribute our civil engineering knowledge and skill to help shape the skyline of Thailand. For over two decades, we take pride in serving our society and nation with our strength in the construction business by structuring and putting up superior condominiums, hospitals, universities, and office buildings to benefit people from all walks of life. From our first project, the Supalai Condominium, we have successfully completed the construction of almost 50 buildings.

        Standing where we are today has not been easy, especially in the construction business where competition is intense. However, regardless of the number of crises and challenges facing us, we always found opportunities in every crisis. It took a lot of sweat and tears to be where we are today. With positive attitude and consistent unity among our staff and partners, we have sailed through several crises resulting from a series of political unrests and economic recession both on our home front and from other parts of the world.

        Looking back into the past, we can proudly say that we have achieved our original goals which reflect in several past and present projects that we have been involved with. All of our buildings continue to stand tall: proof that we have kept our promise to deliver only safe, strong, and functional buildings for our clients. At Building 33 Co., Ltd, we recognize that our achievements have been realized as a result of the collective efforts of our workers, partners, and staff. We value our people as the greatest asset of our company and we treat everyone like a member of our family.

        As we move toward our 21st anniversary on November 6, 2012, we plan to continue to work harder to preserve our core values and our fundamental strengths as we grow to be a leading construction company, specializing in high-rise buildings in Thailand. We will continue to extend ourselves to meet the higher standards demanded by our clients, develop and refine our approach to business, expand our specialized skill in structural and civil engineering into the real estate market, be of service to our nation, and serve other nations, while taking a bold step to become a listed company in 2013.

        With uncompromised quality, steady growth in profit, continuous excellence in performance, well-timed expansion, trust of our clients, increasing faith among our shareholders, and positive mind and unity among our staff, we have no doubt that we will continue to stand tall as we go public and serve all of our shareholders and stakeholders. Shoulder to shoulder, we truly look forward to shaping the skylines and leaving a legacy in the soil of Thailand and other parts of the world.

Prida Sirisriro
Managing Director

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